Toyota i-Road Goes Out for Testing

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Toyota i-Road Concept

Toyota i-Road Concept

Last year at the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota unveiled a rather odd yet intriguing piece of automotive design: the i-Road. At only 300 kg and less than 90 cm wide, it barely looked drivable, but Toyota is now putting that to the test on public roads.

Soon, the i-Road will be zooming around the streets of Toyota City in Japan. Its lucky residents will have access to the three-wheeled car at vehicle-sharing stations, which is actually the reason Toyota has been working on this project. The i-Road was designed to integrate Toyota’s “Ha:mo” optimized urban transport system. We’ll get to see how well it performs its role at Toyota City and, later this year, in the city of Grenoble, France, thanks to a vehicle-sharing project that should last until 2017.

It certainly doesn’t look like your average car, but in the right environment—like heavy urban areas—the i-Road could prove to be the perfect transportation solution. Let us know what you think at Wondries Toyota!

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