Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles to Debut at New York Auto Show

Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Sexy efficiency is what you can expect at next week’s New York Auto Show as Toyota intends to bring along its long-awaited fuel cell hydrogen sedan.

This fuel cell vehicle (FCV for short) combines the hydrogen and oxygen in the air to produce electricity, which is used to power the motor. One huge benefit, other than that it doesn’t consume any gasoline, is that the only byproduct the car leaves behind is water vapor. This makes the FCV a truly emission-free vehicle, which even standard EVs cannot boast.

Additionally, Toyota’s FCV requires only three to five minutes to fill up until it’s ready to go for another 300 miles, a significant improvement over anything the market currently has to offer.

Alongside the FCV, Toyota will present the Prius Plug-in Hybrid and Highlander fuel cell hydrogen vehicle (FCHV) in New York. During the show, professional drivers and trained product specialists will take guests on rides in both vehicles.

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