Texas Auto Writers Honor Toyota Highlander

It takes more than just bells and whistles to impress a Texan. You need to be rugged and rough and tumble to make a true first impression with the Lone Star State, which is why it’s extremely impressive that the redesigned 2014 Toyota Highlander was named Activity Vehicle of Texas at the Texas Auto Writers Associations (TAWA) annual Auto Roundup event.

The Auto Roundup event is a time when 50 different TAWA members test out cars in seventeen different categories to vote for the best of the best. This way, TAWA members can see what it’s like to drive cars on road and track courses that they might not normally get their hands on.

With an all-new design, the Highlander SUV takes no prisoners, though there’s plenty of room for them with its three rows of seating. The SUVs interior combines style, comfort, and technology to create a cabin that can’t be beat, while the exterior makes a great first impression with its design that conveys a refined, yet strong silhouette.

If the Highlander is the Activity Vehicle of Texas, why not make it the Activity Vehicle of your family? Stop by Wondries Toyota to test drive it

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