Toyota Sienna Minivan Stays Strong During Toyota’s 2014 August Sales

Toyota Sienna Minivan Stays Strong During Toyota’s 2014 August Sales

This just in: The minivan’s still alive and kicking. Kicking up a storm of sales, that is, and Toyota’s faith in the once-maligned “uncool” family vehicle has ended up working in its favor.

The Sienna’s sales have come up 4.5% this past August, putting it in fifth place out of Toyota’s current top sellers. August even saw it beating the Highlander SUV, making it a true force to be reckoned with in the automotive market.

The thing is, minivans provide more space. Even the most cavernous SUVs don’t have the same space as a minivan. When you’re regularly transporting a crowd of people, traveling often with a load of luggage, or just generally finding yourself in need of a lot of space in your car, the minivan is the way to go. They’re easier to get in and out of, especially with a regular crowd in the car, due to the lowered, even floors and its wide door space.  It might have a blockier style and look less sleek than a luxury vehicle, but it’s the type of car with a job to do and the minivan does it.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the space and comfort of the minivan if it’s what will serve you best. At Wondries Toyota, we value the coolness that comes with getting where you need to go with all the people you love. To check out our stock of Siennas, be sure to stop in at our dealership on West Main Street in Alhambra!

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