New Toyota Race Car Unveiled Before NASCAR Event

New Toyota Race Car Unveiled Before NASCAR Event

Toyota revealed two very different—but actually very similar—new versions of the Camry on October 11. One vehicle was a new Toyota race car, destined to dominate the track during next year’s NASCAR season. The other vehicle was simply a new production model version of the Camry—which, awesomely enough, looks almost exactly like the race car version (minus the corporate sponsorship, of course).

Toyota gave us a taste of things to come on October 11, with the street model version of the Camry serving as pace car for the race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. If you have trouble keeping the different versions straight—which one is the race car and which one belongs in your driveway—that’s perfectly understandable. In fact, it’s exactly what Toyota was hoping for.

“Definitely the 2015 Camry race car has benefited from a cosmetic standpoint from the stance that the 2015 production Camry is perfect — the front end, the aggressive, wide-mouth look is just perfect for this race car,” Andy Graves, Toyota’s NASCAR program manager as well as vice president of chassis engineering, said. If you want to drive your very own race car, all you need to do is come see us at Wondries Toyota and we’ll get you set up in your very own Camry. You’ll soon be out on the Charlotte Motor Speedway yourself, heart pumping and adrenaline pounding—or it will feel that great, at least.

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