Toyota Dominoes Video Shows Progress in Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Toyota Dominoes Video Shows Progress in Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Toyota knows a thing or two about alternative fuel. From the 1997 introduction of the world’s first mass-production hybrid vehicle, the Prius, to their exploration of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles today, Toyota has always been a leader in alternative fuel technologies.

In a new Toyota Dominoes video, the automaker highlights its history, progress in innovations over the years, and looks forward to what’s next. In the video, you’ll see just how far Toyota has come since the release of the Prius 17 short years ago (we know… it’s really been seventeen years?!).

Instead of the conventional “push one domino and watch them all fall down in succession” routine, this video shows the reverse – the dominoes stand up as we follow Toyota through their journey. The video begins with the Prius hybrid and works its way through the Prius Plug-In and Plug-In hybrid vehicle. Finally, we see Toyota’s new fuel cell vehicle.

The video, which features three cars that are pioneers in harnessing the value of alternative energy sources, ends with the quote “One great idea leads to the next.” We are then led towards a hustling, thriving city, with the clear suggestion that this is only the beginning.

Check out the video here.

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