Electric 2016 Toyota Mirai FCV Brings Us to the Future

Electric 2016 Toyota Mirai FCV Brings Us to the Future

According to Toyota, the 2016 Mirai FCV represents a step closer to our impending 100-year long, hydrogen society, with the Japanese word for “future” in its title.

This electric 2016 Toyota Mirai FCV will certainly catch the eye of environmental enthusiasts, as it meets many environmental mandates and regulations. According to the US Energy Department’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Renewable Energy, Steve Chalk, “compared to gasoline, producing hydrogen from natural gas yields about half the CO2.”

The United States won’t see these Mirai FCV’s until late 2015, but international markets will get them much sooner. Even so, only a limited number of vehicles will be released, as there are only so many refueling stations available.

With Honda and Hyundai right next to Toyota with electric cars, the demand for refueling stations will surely, but likely slowly, be met eventually. Refueling the FCV only takes three to five minutes.

“Hydrogen society” or not, we at Wondries Toyota are proud to host models of such an innovative company and look forward to the electric cars of the future.

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