Pet Travel Safety Tips

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Pet Travel Safety Tips

January 2nd is Pet travel Safety Day, a day dedicated to highlighting the dangers associated with unsecured pets in vehicles. As such, we thought we’d take this opportunity to discuss a few dos and don’ts of pet travel, and how to make vehicle travel safer for you and your furry friends.

For some dogs, car rides are a special treat, while for others it can be an incredibly stressful experience. Make sure that you prepare for your drive based on your dog and his needs. The happy traveler may not require extra treats, that special toy, or frequent stops; while a panicked puppy may need all of the above, plus some comforting attention.

Regardless of the extras you bring along (or leave behind), there is one thing each and every pet needs in the car—restraint. A panicked dog may jump into your lap, and an excited dog may lick your face at a critical moment. Besides being a major distraction, lack of restraint in an accident could mean injury or even death. All too often, our furry friends are ejected from cars, run away from accidents (sometimes into traffic), or face other injuries from being tossed around the car. Even a small accident at low speeds can easily injure an unrestrained dog.

Find a safety harness or crate that will work for you and your pet. You can find a variety of options, many of which are inexpensive, online or at local retailers. Be sure to protect yourself and your dog next time you hit the road.

Here at Wondries Toyota, we hope you’ve enjoyed our pet travel safety tips, and wish you and your furry friend a safe trip!

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