Toyota’s Ha:Mo Program Makes Solving Urban Traffic “Fun”

toyota’s ha:mo program

Toyota’s iRoad is a part of Toyota’s ha:mo program.

Toyota has joined the fight in redefining the urban commute. The program is called Ha:Mo and what makes it different than the programs offered by some other players, such as Uber or Google, is that Toyota has a “focus on fun,” according to Fortune.

The fun comes in the form of the electric vehicles that are at the center of the Ha:Mo program.  Both models are supercompact. To give you an idea of how compact, even the four-wheeled models can fit three to a parking space. Fortune describes the four-wheeled incarnation as “the sensible, sedan-like EVs.”

On the other hand, the three-wheeled versions, called iRoads, are “the sports cars of the Ha:Mo system.” Now granted, they only have a top speed of 28 mph. But it’s really in the way they handle that makes them special. Take a turn and the iRoad leans into the turn like a motorcycle, only automatically.

Users of Toyota’s Ha:Mo program can make reservations using an app and then pick the vehicles up and drop them off at designated spots.

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