New Toyota Auris Model is a Sneak Peek of the New Scion iM

Over in Europe, customers are already used to the Toyota Auris—a long, low hatchback that was specifically designed for European drivers. Now, however, after a facelift, the new Toyota Auris showed up at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show and put on a show. The updated Toyota Auris is what Scion’s new iM model is based on.

Scion will be unveiling two new models at the New York International Auto Show in just a few weeks- the iA, a sedan, and the iM, a hatchback based on the new Toyota Auris. The Auris offers you a choice between wagon and hatchback models, and is destined to hit the American market wearing a Scion badge.

The new Scion iM will bring a new, affordable, and stylish option in the hatchback market to American car buyers—customers who have become bored and put off by the same-old models available on the market right now. We hope to see the new Scions before the end of the year, so come see us at Wondries Toyota today.

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