Taylor Swift Toyota Commercial “Wild” Indeed

Taylor Swift Toyota commercial

Perhaps you have heard rumors of a Taylor Swift Toyota commercial for the Camry Hybrid, however, when searching the internet for the elusive video, one gets a “Blank Space” – and we don’t mean the hit song off of her “1989” album. Fortunately for you, we were able to catch a glimpse of the popster’s ad for the Japanese motor company before it was abruptly removed from media sources.

Like many celebrities before her, Swift partook in an overseas ad campaign. Geared for the Chinese auto market highlighting the new Toyota Camry Hybrid, she filmed not one but two commercials. Singing the chorus of her hit song “Wildest Dreams,” Swift, adorned with “red lips and rosy cheeks” is seen “standing in a nice dress,” – per the song lyrics – in a billowing red gown surrounded by a red backdrop of red-ribbon-like-fiery-illumination and accompanied by piano prodigy Li Yundi. In the second version, Swift is seen wearing a black dress while a musician plays a “harp” composed of a blue line of light.

As for the marketing strategy? Your guess is as good as ours. But one thing we are sure of is the quality imbued into America’s top selling brand – so come visit us today to drive your very own “Style”-ish Toyota Camry, today.

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