Summer Car Care Tips

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Toyota Highlander

It is officially summer, which means its road trip season. The freedom and good weather associated with the summer months makes it an ideal time of year for hitting the road and leaving town. This year, before loading up the luggage, kids, and Fido, make sure your car is up for the challenge.

Here are our summer car care tips to keep your car running at its most efficient.

Check the coolant. First things first—make sure you check the coolant and ensure it is topped off. Generally, coolant should last between dealership visits, but it’s always a good idea to check before road trips and throughout the summer. Coolant keeps cars running at their most efficient temperature, but when low, the car can quickly overheat.

Check the tires. Tire pressure changes with rising temperatures, making it necessary to check your tire pressure regularly during the summer months. Over- or under-inflated tires can be incredibly dangerous on the road, not to mention they cause your car to be inefficient, and more likely to eat up fuel.

Change the air filter. Summer pollutants often cause the air filter to become dirty more quickly than during the summer months. Be sure you have a clean filter allowing clean air to make its way through the engine and also into the cabin.

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For a more in-depth check of your car’s radiator, engine, battery, and air conditioning systems, stop by the Wondries Toyota service department. Our friendly staff will help you make sure your car is road-trip ready!

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