South African Man Finds Stolen Toyota Corolla 22 Years Later

2015 Toyota Corolla

Thanks to one police officer’s perseverance, a South African man has been reunited with his Toyota Corolla… 22 years after it was stolen. Based on that information, you might imagine that the dedicated detective in question spent over two decades hunting down the culprit; haunted by the unsolved Case of the Carjacked Corolla—but it didn’t happen quite like that.

Derrick Goosen was 23 years old when his beloved first car, a Toyota Corolla 1.6 GL, was stolen from the capital Pretoria.

Last November, that same vehicle was stopped by police at a road block 150 miles away in the northern province of Limpopo, still in “mint” condition but with the chassis and registration numbers scratched off. But that didn’t stop Warrant Officer Kwakwa Ntokola from having the car worked on for several months, until he eventually found the original identification numbers hidden in the bodywork.

Mr. Goosen, now 45, could hardly believe his luck when Officer Ntokola called him to say that his vehicle had been recovered, and he now intends to re-register the vehicle under his name.

“I will give it a nice polish and keep it,” said Goosen. “The car was of sentimental value to me. I loved it and I am grateful I’ve found it.”

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