Toyota Jumps into Fray for Better Self-Driving Car Technology

self-driving car technology

We’re all still waiting for hovercrafts and invisible SUVs, but you have to admit, the new technology coming out of the auto industry for self-driving cars is pretty darn cool.

Recently, Toyota has joined the race to develop a self-driving car by partnering with Stanford University and MIT.

What does a partnership with these prestigious institutions mean? First off, it means that Toyota is shelling out $50 million over the next five years to be used in researching artificial intelligence, all in the hopes that it will lead to huge advancements in self-driving car technology.

All bets are off as to what Stanford and MIT will discover with this kind of endowment at their backs. Self-driving car technology is not an exclusive field. Many universities and private corporations are scrambling to be the first to make a huge breakthrough, and the competition raises the bar ever higher.

Toyota’s head of research and development Kiyotaka Ise said to Wired magazine that “helping eliminate traffic casualties” is the primary motive behind the company’s most recent push into self-driving car technology.

Whatever Toyota’s goals are, you can’t help but wonder if the future really is now.

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