Toyota Moves Ahead in Automated Driving Technology with the Highway Teammate

Automated Driving Technology

Toyota is interpreting the “auto” part of “automobile” very literally these days as Toyota moves ahead in the growing world of automated driving.

In Tokyo, Japan, Toyota has been testing its newest achievement in automated driving technology, the Highway Teammate. The Highway Teammate, a modified Lexus GS, is an automated driving test vehicle that allows for totally automated highway driving from the on ramp to the off ramp. This means that the Highway Teammate can merge on its own, change lanes on its own, and manage driving distance on its own, all while maintaining normal, safe speeds.

To clarify, this isn’t an empty car moving itself down the freeway. The Highway Teammate is essentially a program built into your vehicle – a super cool, futuristic, and downright awesome program, at that.

As Toyota moves ahead into the amazing world of automated driving, setting the bar high for competitors, drivers around the world are getting excited for what the automaker plans to do next.

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