Surprising Inside-Out Toyota Kikai Concept Model Debuts in Tokyo

At the Tokyo Motor Show, automakers from all over the world revealed updates to current models as well as concept models – vehicles that may one day go into production for commercial purchase.

However, some of these concept models were a bit more abstract than others.

Toyota used the opportunity to reveal the Toyota Kikai concept – a sort of anti-vehicle that has all of its mechanics on display. It’s the exact opposite of other flashy, high-tech vehicles, with a tone that’s somehow both contemporary and retro.

You can get a good look at the Toyota Kikai concept here, a vehicle that is hard to capture with words.

A press release from Toyota says that the Kikai concept “encourages us to appreciate the complex beauty of the mechanical aspects of cars,” which is certainly spot-on. In fact, “kikai” translates from Japanese to “machine” in English.

We highly doubt that the Kikai concept will ever hit dealerships, but it’s still fun to admire! Let us know your thoughts on this atypical concept model in the comments.

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