Toyota Kirobo Mini Robot Gives Directions, Detects Feelings

Toyota has had an enormous presence at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, revealing not only upgrades to commercial products, but also much more experimental projects such as the machine-inspired Kikai concept.

Additionally, the automaker had one debut on display that seriously turned heads: the Toyota Kirobo Mini, a tiny robot that sits in a cupholder of your car to help give you directions and take voice commands.

The Kirobo Mini is a lot like a smartphone, sharing similar capabilities and size. However, the Kirobo Mini aims to be even more than that. It doesn’t just look like a little humanoid; this robot can also apparently “detect emotions.”

A larger, previous version of the Kirobo Mini was developed by Toyota and sent into space, so if we have to guess, the Kirobo Mini will probably also be destined for greater things than commercial use.

Would you like to have a Kirobo Mini at your side when behind the wheel? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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