Toyota Presents the ViRA Concept Vehicle

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The Tokyo Auto Salon is the place where automakers unveil their latest and greatest concepts. Toyota is doing just that with its ViRA concept vehicle.

The ViRA concept is a two-door crossover, and said to be the crossbreed of the ViTZ (also known as the Yaris) and the RAV4. Although the name of the new concept can be seen as a direct combination, the look of the car does not hold many similarities of the Yaris or the RAV4.

The ViRA can hold up as its own car though and does not need to be visually similar to its ‘parent models’. This compact vehicle has the utility of a crossover, making it a coupe-styled SUV. With a sloping roofline, edgy fascia, and plenty of curves, the ViRA seems built to appeal to a younger market.

Resembling more of an obscure supercar, the ViRA is about the size of a Mazda CX-3. Created by Toyota Industries Corporation, which is a manufacturing subsidiary of Toyota Motor Company, the ViRA takes on a different appearance than other Toyota vehicles.

Although the ViRA is not on the market, we at Wondries Toyota hope that Toyota will make this concept a reality.

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