Toyota Takes 2015 Sales Lead

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Toyota takes 2015 sales lead

Toyota may not be gloating but it sure would have a reason to. Toyota took the 2015 sales lead, surpassing both Volkswagen and General Motors.

Toyota sold 7.49 million vehicles through the end of September, beating main competitor Volkswagen, which sold 7.43 million. Volkswagen briefly held the global sales lead during the first half of the year, but Toyota took it back.

Toyota’s chief executive, Akio Toyoda, isn’t focusing on the win, though. Toyoda (grandson of Toyota’s founder) said that the car company’s focus wasn’t on selling the most cars, as it previously had been. Toyoda simply said, “I want everybody in the world to see our company as the greatest car manufacturer, rather than the biggest.”

Volkswagen’s downfall might have been due to some negative press over its emissions scandal, but Toyota fans might maintain that it’s simply Toyota’s reliability and customer loyalty that pushed it to the 2015 lead. So, go congratulate Toyota today by test-driving some new models!

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