Toyota to Launch Toyota Connected

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Toyota Connected

It was announced earlier this month that Toyota will launch Toyota Connected, a new data management and services development company geared toward developing initiatives for consumers, businesses, and the government.

Toyota Connected, according to its CEO Zack Hicks, is meant to “free our customers from the tyranny of technology.” The company aims to make apps so intuitive to user needs that actively using them will become unnecessary, and the apps themselves can fade into the background while their effects are still felt. Hicks says this will “help us return to humanity.”

Based in Plano, Texas, Toyota Connected will focus on data management and analytics that allow apps to further integrate into consumers’ lives, as well as using Toyota’s resources to expand on their relationship with Microsoft. Teaming up with Microsoft for research and development will help to accelerate the introduction of new ways to keep cars connected.

Specifically, Toyota Connected will create programs for in-car services, home connectivity, safety, personalization, and more. Toyota Connected already has several programs to be released at the company’s launch.

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