Tips for Off-Roading on Sand

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off-roading on sand

All terrains are different, so if you’re taking your 4×4 out on sand for the first time, do your research first! Here are some tips on off-roading on sand to get you started.

Before you go out, lower your tire pressure. Full tires get horrible traction on sand and sink into it. Lower pressure lets your tires form to the sand more. You should be fine going down to 15 psi. Don’t go below 10 unless you’re completely stuck, as this can damage your rims.

If you’re driving behind someone, drive in their tracks. Don’t accelerate too quickly—this will just increase your risk of your wheels sinking. If you need to make a turn, take it very wide, and don’t brake unless you have to. If you need to stop, try coasting to a stop instead of using the brake, as braking causes sand to build up in front of the wheels, making it harder to move.

If it wasn’t obvious, don’t spin your wheels if you get caught in the sand. You can try to back out, but going forward will just make you sink more. Luckily for you, select Toyota vehicles come equipped with crawl control to help get you out of sticky situations.

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