Where to Charge the Prius Prime

2017 Toyota Prius Prime- Car charging in LA

The all-new Prius Prime is coming this fall, and with a full electric charge and tank of gas, you’ll be able to drive more than 600 miles. You’ll get the benefits of an electric, without the range anxiety.

The 2017 Prime will have an estimated 22 mile range when fully charged, so it’ll help to become acquainted with charging stations in the area now.  Below is a list of the charging stations in LA and in the surrounding area where you can charge the Prius Prime to help you plan your upcoming trips.

Metro Park Stations:

801 N. Vignes St., Los Angeles 90012

3913 Lankershim Bl., Studio City 91604


742 Seward St., Los Angeles 90038


333 S Hope St., Los Angeles 90071

400 S Flower St., Los Angeles 90071

505 S Flower St., Los Angeles 90071

601 S Figueroa St., Los Angeles 90017

945 W. 8th St., Los Angeles 90015

University Park:

700 Exposition Park Dr., Los Angeles 90037


515 State University Dr., Los Angeles 90032

If you want to find more stations for road trips or trips out to the beach, you can just ask us at Wondries Toyota, or find a complete list of charging stations in California at the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Resource Center!

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