New Car Care Tips

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New Car Care Tips

Driving off the lot in a brand new car is a feeling unlike any other. Once the car is home and in the garage, it’s time to start taking care of it. Even new cars need proper maintenance in order to run for many years to come and avoid potential problems. Here are some new car care tips to help break in your ride from us here at Wondries Toyota!

  1. Owner’s Manual – It may be long and boring but the owner’s manual will literally tell you everything you need to know about your car. From the type of spark plug to the small details about the brakes, the owner’s manual is your guide to proper car care. As you’re reading through it, do your future self and favor and mark the page with the manufacturer’s service schedule. It will save you some time later on.
  2. Insurance – A must-have to drive in most states, car insurance is the number one way to protect your new car. Considering you’ve likely paid thousands upon thousands for your new ride, spending a little more for full coverage isn’t a bad idea, just in case.
  3. Driving – Once you hit the road, the main question is how to break your new car in. While some say floor it, others say take it slow. The real answer is somewhere in the middle. Just drive normally or, more specifically for you speed demons, at the speed limit. Doing so will ensure your car runs like a dream for years to come!

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