Top Griffith Park Attractions

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Los Angeles is primarily known as an urban city where the stars shine bright. However, there are still plenty of places within the city where residents and visitors can enjoy more natural surroundings. One of these spots is Griffith Park! Highly considered to be one of the most beautiful parks in the entire country, Griffith Park offers visitors plenty to do. If you are looking for more natural destinations in the City of Angels, then consider these top Griffith Park attractions.

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Considered to be one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations, the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a wonderful place in Griffith Park to explore nature. Where else can you see amazing animals like Elephants and gorillas in L.A.?


Travel Town Museum

While the movie business breathes life into Hollywood today, Los Angeles once relied on the railroad industry for its growth and economy. This museum explores the impact that rail transportation had on the city.

The Griffith Conservatory

If you are looking to view a different kind of star in L.A., then you should head over to the Griffith Conservatory. One of the most famous conservatories in the world, the Griffith Conservatory has gained its own celebrity status over the years, thanks to its presence in movies and shows, as well as its distinct architectural look.

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