Scion-to-Toyota Transition: What to Know

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Scion-to-Toyota Transition

It’s not every day one automotive marque absorbs another, even if the vehicles are designed and produced by the same company. That’s exactly what’s happening with Scion and Toyota and it has many Scion drivers worried. Fortunately for you, we here at Wondries Toyota have everything you need to know about the Scion-to-Toyota transition right here!

With August behind us, Scion has officially merged with Toyota. Originally established in 2003, Scion is widely considered a success by driving sales to younger consumers and making them aware of what incredible vehicles Toyota has to offer.

The vehicles in the Scion lineup have joined the ranks of the likes of the Toyota Yaris and Corolla while the FR-S has become the Toyota 86. The C-HR will join the Toyota lineup under its own name while the tC will be cut entirely.

Scion owners don’t need to worry one bit. Toyota will honor the Scion Service boost and all applicable warranties. Since Scion and Toyota vehicles share parts, there will always be readily available parts for future repairs. Loans on Scion vehicles already went through Toyota Financial Services before, so all that will change is the name on the bill.

As for Scion’s signature Pure Price Process, the Toyota 86, Corolla iM, Yaris iA will all come at a single price, just like they always have.

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