Toyota Invests in Nauto Self-Driving Car Startup Company

Toyota Prius Prime

Ever wonder how self-driving cars will know what’s happening on the roads? In addition to sensors that allow these vehicles to see what is nearby, they will actually communicate with each other about their surroundings.

This means that auto companies will have to work together, sharing their data, to ensure safety on the road, and it seems that Toyota and BMW plan to do just that.

Both automakers recently invested in a self-driving car startup company called Nauto, which collects data from cars currently on the road for companies to utilize when designing self-driving cars. With Nauto’s help, Toyota will be able to build their own autonomous driving software, faster.

Ultimately, it should be simple for automatic cars to be aware of road conditions, construction, environmental hazards, and more, with technology from Nauto and all that Toyota has to offer.

Of course, we have no idea when this sort of tech will be available for commercial use, but we are glad to hear that Toyota is investing in the right places, such as the Nauto self-driving car company. Surely, self-driving cars will be among us soon!

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