Toyota’s Fuel-Efficient Powertrains to Benefit Industry

Toyota has been a long-time leader in the development of fuel efficient powertrains. As government regulations continue to grow more stringent around the globe, more automakers will need to create engines that use as little fuel as possible. While many automakers are looking into fuel alternatives, like electric vehicles, Toyota is taking a different approach: and Toyota’s Fuel-Efficient Powertrains will surely benefit the automotive industry as a whole.

2017 Toyota Camry

Toyota’s fuel-efficient powertrains generally power the top-ranked vehicles in many segments. The Camry, for example, boasts a best-selling record for over a decade. Over the past few months the Japanese automaker has been updating its powertrain lineup to pair with the new Toyota Global Architecture.

Recent reports indicate that Toyota could offer its powertrains to other automakers. Most powertrains use a variety of parts from different automakers. Toyota’s powertrains, however, are made with the automaker’s suppliers. That prevent other automakers from using the same powertrains.

Toyota’s aiming to unlock all of its powertrain technology to the industry as a whole, not to specific automakers. The move would open up increased fuel economy to the entire industry, allowing many automakers to forego partnerships amid costly research and development budgets.

We at Wondries Toyota are happy to see such an advanced automaker sharing its powertrains with the entire industry!

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