Weekend Trips in Southern California

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Southern California is widely considered one of the best vacation spots in the United States but it also has a whole host of locations designed for weekend getaways. Picking the perfect trip can be difficult amid so many beaches, small towns, and landscapes to choose from. Here are a few weekend trips in Southern California recommended by us at Wondries Toyota.

  • Laguna Beach – A picturesque coastline with a fantastic view of the oceanfront, Laguna Beach has been a long-time favorite destination of locals and visitors alike. Located just an hour away from Los Angeles, there are plenty of beaches to choose from. Connect with nature in the tide pools at Treasure Island, get a tan at Main Beach, or see the castle-like turret at Victoria Beach. The choice is yours!
  • Santa Barbara – Another hotspot, Santa Barbara is known for its shops, beaches, and fantastic restaurants. Stearns Wharf offers a pristine view of the Pacific Ocean, while Butterfly beach offers a perfect view of the sunset. Families can even stop by the Santa Barbara Zoo to see some wildlife!
  • Big Bear – California isn’t often associated with mountains, but Big Bear is perfect for year-round trips. A ski slope in winter and mountain lake in summer, there are few towns as scenic as Big Bear!

Weekend Trips in Southern California

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