Toyota Mirai Billboards Will Clean Air Around Them

     Every day, it seems like more and more automakers are finding unique ways to advertise and market their vehicles on social media, on TV, through online video streaming, and more. However, Toyota has taken an even more innovative and eclectic route. At first, the Toyota Mirai billboards might just seem like your average, everyday billboards, but they’re utilizing cutting-edge technology that will actually give back to the community by cleaning the air around them.

     It’s called an eco-billboard campaign, and Toyota developed the so-called “eco-billboards” hand-in-hand with Clear Channel Outdoor Americas. You’ll only see the ads in San Francisco and Los Angeles from April 3rd through May 28th, but the 37 billboards involved are expected to reverse over 440 vehicles’ worth of air pollution during the campaign.

     How is this done? Toyota explained that the catalytic converter powering the eco-billboards is made from vinyl coated in titanium dioxide that reacts with the oxygen in the air. This technology is light-activated, and as long as there’s light, humidity, and titanium dioxide coating, it will continue to do its word purifying California’s smog.

     Toyota announced the Mirai billboards near the end of March at the Environmental Media Association Impact Summit in Beverly Hills. A titanium dioxide-coated Mirai was also present at the event, purifying the air throughout the summit, which is a two-day event promoting eco-friendly business practices.

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2016 silver Toyota Mirai billboards

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