Toyota Is the World’s Most Valuable Brand, and We’re Not Surprised

Most Valuable Brand

Toyota is once again the worldwide most valuable brand of the automotive sector according to the Brandz annual Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking. This 2017 title marks the 10th time in the past 12 years that Toyota has earned this top spot, beating out European automaker giants Mercedes Benz and BMW.

The most valuable brand ranking is determined by three critical factors:

  1. The influence “brand” has in a customer’s decision to purchase the product
  2. The power of the “brand” to uphold a premium price and/or maintain earnings for the company
  3. The overall financial performance of the products and/or services of the brand

Valuable brands have seen a tectonic shift in recent years, with the major earners and winners coming from the tech industry. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook remain the top five most valuable brands. Toyota is ranked 30th overall; the next closest automotive brand is BMW, coming in at the 35th spot.

But what does this ranking mean for Toyota buyers and owners? It means that you own, or are in the process of owning, one of the most reliable and well-respected products on the face of the Earth. For us at Wondries Toyota, it means we’re prouder to be supplying our customers with top-notch vehicles. Learn more today!

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