So Long Summer! A Few Back-to-School Tips for Parents

back-to-school tips

The summer season is almost gone, and it’s time for families to start looking ahead to the school year. The transition from the sunny freedom of the summertime to the day-by-day structure of the school year can be tough for kids and parents alike, so we have a few back-to-school tips to make things a little easier this fall.

Enforce Bedtime One Week in Advance

One of the fun things about summer for a lot of kiddos is the ability to stay up as late as you want. Instead of taking this delight away from your crew cold-turkey, ease them back into a curfew by starting a set bedtime a week before school starts.

Let Your Kids Pick

For many of us, the best thing about returning to school was all the back-to-school shopping we got to do for new clothes and school supplies. Your kids will be more excited and invested in their school experience if you let them pick out their own stuff (feel free to make executive decisions on Spider-Man masks, Hulk gloves, tutus, and so on).

Prepare a Homework Area

Having a dedicated study and work space will help your child focus on and excel in their homework. Take some time now to start clearing a space or setting up a new desk or table that will function solely as a homework area throughout the school year.

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