Myths About Electric Cars

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Electric cars are still fairly young and, as with all things new and strange, there are myths circulating about them. Many of these rumors aren’t true, however, so it’d be a shame if we let ignorance about such a great technology continue to spread. Here are some common myths about electric cars from us here at Wondries Toyota.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Myth 1: Vehicle maintenance is a complicated part of electric cars.

A major part of maintaining a vehicle stems from wear and tear on mechanical parts. Fortunately, hybrids, like the Toyota Camry Hybrid, are capable of running on an electric-only range. This effectively reduces the wear on mechanical parts.

Myth 2: Drivers often worry about replacing an electric vehicle’s battery.

Like electric vehicles, hybrid models owe part of their performance and efficiency to the battery. Battery technology has advanced rapidly in the past decade and many electric vehicles offer an extensive electric-only range.

Toyota Camry Hybrid drivers don’t have to worry about replacing their battery. The 2018 Camry Hybrid comes backed by an eight-year/100,000-mile hybrid-related component coverage.

Myth 3: It takes too long to charge an electric vehicle.

Charging an electric vehicle takes time, but most fast-charging stations can recharge the battery to almost 100% in just half an hour. The Toyota Camry Hybrid, however, never needs charging. Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive® uses a sophisticated hybrid battery to maximize efficiency.

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