Misleading Car Insurance Myths

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Car insurance is a necessity if you plan on driving in most states. Unfortunately, misleading myths tend to run wild when it comes to car insurance. Here at Wondries Toyota, we’ve gathered a few car insurance myths that you should be aware of.

Red Toyota Camry

Red Cars Cost More to Insure

Red cars might be easier to spot on the road, but this color doesn’t result in a higher insurance rate. While some drivers claim they get pulled over for speeding more often because they have a red car, there’s no evidence to back this claim. If you obey the speed limit and other rules of the road, your insurance rate for a red vehicle should be the same as other-colored vehicles.

Convertibles Cost the Most to Insure

Insurance companies consider many factors when determining a car’s insurance rate. Fortunately, whether or not the vehicle has a convertible top isn’t one of those factors. Car insurance is usually based on the insurance history for that vehicle’s category.

For example, coupes might be a popular choice for speed demons, which effectively raising the rate for the coupe segment as a whole. Insurance companies also take the driver’s history and value of the vehicle into account.

A Bad Driving Record Means No Insurance

If you have a bad driving record, you might obtain a higher insurance rate, however it won’t prevent you from getting insurance. There are companies that work specifically with drivers who have a negative driving record, pending the driver has a license.

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