Light and Decorate Your Car for Christmas

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Every year, we see more and more people decorating their cars for the holiday season. Given how much time people spend in the car, it makes sense to deck out your car to keep your holiday cheer up while shopping for Christmas gifts, commuting to work, picking up your children, or driving to see family and friends during the holiday season. Here are some fun ideas we at Wondries Toyota have to dress up your car for the Christmas.Decorate Your Car for Christmas

Car Christmas Lights

For this idea, you can use your old Christmas lights if you get a special power inverter, or for a simpler solution, buy battery powered lights to string around your car.


Why not wire a wreath and some festive ribbon to your front grille? This is sure to bring a smile to the faces of all who see it.

Ornaments & Air Fresheners

Drivers always have things hanging from their rear-view mirror, so hang your favorite ornament along with a holiday-scented air freshener. These small touches will raise your holiday spirit.

The Classic Red-nosed Reindeer

Add a red nose to your front grille and some antlers on either side of your car, and children will exclaim with excitement when they see your car dressed up as one of their favorite holiday characters.

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