Toyota’s TeenDrive365 Helps Make Teens Safer behind the Wheel

Keep Teens Safe with TeenDrive365

Toyota Helps Parents to Protect Teens with TeenDrive365


Studies show that the first year of driving is the most dangerous for a teen and car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers. Knowing this, we understand how stressful your life can be if you’re the parent of a driving teenager.

Thankfully, Toyota has just launched a new program called TeenDrive365 to help families navigate the first year of teenage driving. Watch Toyota’s short video that introduces the program. Warning: if you’re a parent at any stage, it will probably pull at your heartstrings, at least a little.

The program covers a wide range of topics, but focuses on parents and being the best examples for safe driving. Dr. Tina Sayer, a principal engineer for Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Center, said in a press release, “We like to say that driver’s education begins the day a parent turns their child’s car seat around to face forward.”

On the site, parents and teens can work together to learn about safe drive. There both parents and teens can sign a safe driving contract, take part in fun quizzes and challenges, access driving resources and videos, and learn safety tips and facts.

There is even a contest for teen drivers where they can win $15,000 by submitting an original video that encourages safe driving.

Are you the parent of a teen driver? How do you encourage safety behind the wheel?

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